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Science Albert_Einstein_at_Lincoln_t580

Albert Einstein: Harsh Critic Of Racism Against African Americans »

  Many people do not know about Albert  Einstein’s early life. He himself was a victim of oppression and racial discrimination being Jewish in Nazi occupied Germany in the early…

Dec 2 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
earthatmosphere 3

End of pollution? Scientists can now strip away harmful C02 emmissions using a laser »

SUMMARY: Scientists have found that when you shine ultra-violet light into harmful CO2 gases, the C02 atoms separate leaving only oxygen molecules. Meaning, you can create ooxygen almost anywhere, even…

Oct 4 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

DARPA’s Soft Tissue Robots, Not Science Fiction Anymore »

  The concept of robots or synthetic people with soft human like tissue has been the crux of many characters in science fiction. ‘Synthetic humanoids’ that have bio pathways and…

Sep 8 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Watch This Material Morph Itself To Become More Aerodynamic »

  Researchers at MIT have developed a smart curved surface that can morph at will to reduce drag, generating a series of small, evenly spaced dimples that make it resemble…

Jun 25 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

How Incredible New SmartRoads Are Paving the Way Into The Future »

About 8 years ago, an electrical engineer and his wife started throwing around an idea to replace asphalt on highways and byways throughout the US with electricity-producing solar panels that…

May 5 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Watch This Car Heal Itself »

  Researchers at Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a self-healing polymer that can mend itself and fully restore its mechanical properties in just a few minutes when…

Apr 14 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
Beaming Power From Space

GE announces Beaming Power From Space, and it seriously could work »

General Electric  has plans to begin beaming  power from SPACE using giant orbiting solar panels. The system could capture solar power in space, and beam the energy to Earth using…

Mar 24 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
Scientists create rain in Abu Dhabi desert

Abu Dhabi Scientists Create Rainstorms In The Desert…Is This A Good Thing? »

Desert dwellers wishing to transform their arid surroundings into a profitable, crop-sustaining oasis have reportedly gotten one step closer to making that dream a reality, as Abu Dhabi scientists now…

Mar 19 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Google Sets Up AI Ethics Board To Control Any Rise of the Machines »

  There’ s been alot of questions regarding  Google’s recent purchases of  several robotics & Artificial Intelligence companies.Most recently, the search giant has purchased Deep Mind, a British firm creating…

Mar 16 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
Living architecture

Living Architecture: Learn How Architects Want To Create Buildings That Repair Themselves »

  Dr. Rachel Armstrong, a professor at the London Bartlett School of Architecture has a radical vision of future architecture. She states we need to move away from traditional architecture…

Mar 12 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
Blue the-oldest-known-fragment-on-earth-1-640x360-590x331

This Is The Oldest Object On Earth, Is It Proof God Created The World? »

This discovery of  a blue zircon crystal, is making scientists rethink Earth‘s early geological history. The blue crystal  is 4.4 billion years old, and is the oldest known fragment of any type planet.…

Mar 12 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

It’s Hack Week On Digital Afro!!!!


Inside Microsoft’s Awesome New Holographic Goggles »


By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown  Stephen Brown is a Technology Entrepreneur, Programmer,  Star Wars Fanatic, & 2015 International CES…

Jan 21 2015 / Comments Off / Read More »

Game Changer: New Film Cover Lets You Make Any Screen 3D »

Pic3D-Film Cover -Digital Afro

  Even though 3D technology has revolutionized the film and TV industry, 88% of all LCD screens are not 3D…

Nov 28 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Very Cool: Fujitsu Creates Technology That Allows Anything to Be a Touchscreen »

Fujitsu paper_touchscreen

  Fujitsu has developed a technology that detects objects your finger is touching in the real world, effectively turning any surface…

Nov 16 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Very Cool: New Helmet Gives Motorcycle Riders Augmented Reality Like Iron Man »

Moto Helmet Navigation

GPS & naigation for motorcycle riders has always been a terrible mix. Turn by turn directions leave riders distracted from…

Nov 15 2014 / 4 Comments / Read More »

Samsung Smart Window: Control How The Outside World Looks. »


  Samsung Smart Window: Control Your View Of The World.   There’s an old saying, that “some people see the…

Nov 1 2014 / 1 Comment / Read More »

Get Ready: Vending Machine Lets You Create Any Object You Want Using 3D Printing »


Instead of making you pick from a selection of items, this new vending machine lets you create what you want…

Oct 29 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Absolutely The Coolest Remote Control Planes You Will Ever See »


  We’ve put together 4 of the most ridiculously cool Remote Control Jets and models you will ever see. Some…

Jul 23 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

This Glove Will Make You A Piano Playing Master »

Piano Master Glove

  What started as a small wearable experiment from a Georgia Tech professor, could be the next breakthrough for mastering  guitar, piano,…

Jun 25 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Amazing ‘Printeer’ 3D Printer Brings Kids’ Creations To Life »


With 3D printers becoming more commonplace, it was just a matter of time before they out shined crayons and Legos…

Jun 25 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech

Movie Tech: Z-Man Gloves Allows People To Climb Sheer Glass Like SpiderMan »


  ‘The gecko is  the most incredible climber in the animal kingdom, so it’s no surprise that researchers have been working  to mimic this ability for decades,  and  as amazing as it sounds, they may have just done it. Four Years ago, a group from the Cambridge…

Jun 11 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: The iLimb is An Amazing Medical Breakthrough Similar to Star Wars »

iLimb Feat

  At the end of the Empire Strikes Back, we see Luke getting a new fully functional replacement hand. With the iLimb,  thats not science fiction anymore. Touch Bionics, the creator of the iLimb Ultra Revolution, “the most advanced and versatile prosthesis available,” and says…

May 18 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: Drive The New Land Rover Discovery Vision With Your Smart Phone »

Land-Rover-Discovery-Vision-Concept-front-thre-quarter FEAT 2

  I’ve  written bout some incredible cars, Ferrari’s with energy force fields, cars that can shape shift, even cars that can drive & repair themselves, but this Land Rover Discovery Concept  might take the crown.  -Stephen Brown Lead Editor, Digital Afro     Advances in car technology…

Apr 21 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: Honda’s Says Future Bikes Will Look More Like Anime Super Cycles »


Its not Neo Tokyo 2019, but that’ s not stopping Honda from making bikes that look like the classic Manga film Akira. Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, has announced a new motorcycle – the 750 cc NM4 Vultus – and it’s a bold leap…

Apr 15 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: Is Instant Learning Like The Matrix Possible? »

neo kung fu crop

     Movie Tech: Is Instant Learning Like The Matrix Possible?    …

Mar 25 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

HUVr: Are These Back To The Future Hoverboards Real? Steve Brown Examines »


The Internet has been buzzing  about  a video that’s surfaced featuring people flying on real hover boards like the one from Back To The Future. The video features celebrities like Christopher Lloyd, who played scientist Dr. Emmit  Brown in the  Back to the Future franchise,…

Mar 5 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: You Saw This Wheel Technology In James Bond, Now See The Real Thing »


  Motorists  have very few options when it comes to driving on snow and ice. Using chains can make it easier to drive on ice, but  they are difficult to manage, & create a very rough, noisy ride when driving on asphalt. The problem is,…

Mar 2 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Movie Tech: Star Wars Inspired Hover Bike Getting Very Close To Release »

Chris Mallory Hover Bike

  At Digital Afro, we always like to show you how what you see in films is not  far from reality. Imagine going  to work  on your own flying motorcycle…science fiction right? not so fast.  This prototype  hover bike by Chris Malloy of Australia,  is…

Feb 19 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Nike Announces Power Lace Shoes Will Be Available In 2015 »

nike power

There were plenty of amazing technological wonders in the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, time machines, hoverboards, and other nifty items. However, without a doubt, one of the coolest things that had pop culture a buzz was the Power Lace shoes. The question has always…

Feb 18 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »
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SELFIE Mirror Takes Photos and Posts Them To Your Social Accounts »

iStrategyLabs has built a mirror that takes photos of people and then posts them to Twitter

We’ve seen millions of selfie pics across social media and one company is making actual hardware for it that can be installed anywhere. iStrategyLabs has…

Apr 13 2014 / Comments Off / Read More »

Top 16 Selfies of 2013 »


With the year winding down, I felt it was time  to do a recap of  the top social media selfies of the year. While self-portraits…

Dec 11 2013 / Comments Off / Read More »

Times Are Changing: ‘Twerk’ and ‘Selfie’ Officially Added To Oxford Dictionary »


The next time a  parent asks their child  to explain what “twerking” or a  “selfie” is, they can give them this definition: twerk Syllabification: (twerk) Pronunciation: /twərk/…

Nov 19 2013 / Comments Off / Read More »

Facebook Video Ads Are Coming To Your NewsFeed… Here’s How To Take Advantage Of Them »


  Love it or hate it, Facebook is bringing video and product ads  to your news feed.If you’re a business hoping your ad will meet a lot…

Nov 8 2013 / Comments Off / Read More »

Facebook Like Button Taking A Hike For New Design »

Facebook Like Button Changing - Digital Afro

Well its official, Facebook announced they are changing the the button we’ve all grown to love, the thumbs up ‘Like’ button. The  button that has…

Nov 7 2013 / Comments Off / Read More »

How To Write a Superstar Twitter Bio »


What does your Twitter bio say about you? Don’t think in terms of cold, hard facts — what does it really reveal about you to others? As we’ve recently…

Oct 23 2013 / Comments Off / Read More »
HEALTH blood-substitute

New Artificial Blood Could Work With Any Person, And Save Millions of Lives A Year

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 107 million blood donations are collected around the globe every year, most of which goes on to help save lives. However, while the need for blood is global,…

Jun 18 2014 / Read More »
POLITICS Sex offenders Websites

Find Out Almost Anything About Someone Using Instant CheckMate… Is This a Good Idea?

There was a time that discreet records about you and your family was limited to law enforcement, investigators, & members of the government. Now a new website—Instant Checkmate (a play on words, meaning “check your mate”)—is revealing the…

Mar 4 2014 / Read More »
MILITARY Black-Knight-4-610x406

U.S. Army Building Flying Humvee… The VTOL ‘Black Knight’

  I had to research this. A 4×4, a Blackhawk helicopter and an Octocopter! Puzzled? Don’t be, we shall be talking about a cross between these three things that is being prepared by Advanced Tactics of…

Jan 15 2014 / Read More »
LUXURY 2014-Maserati-Alfieri-Concept-

Create Your Own Maserati Commercials Like A Pro

  To keep my directors eye sharp, I like to make my own versions of commercials. These two commercials for the new 2014 Maserati Alfieri need some new music. Instructions: 1. Start the Car Video and…

May 13 2014 / Read More »
Gaming Sony_Project_Morpheus_35873300-2843-003

Sony Ready To Take On Oculus Rift With Project Morpheus VR

  The Virtual Reality war is on. With the recent acquisition of  Virtual Reality firm Oculus Rift by Facebook for $2 Billion dollars, Sony wants to take on the virtual reality market with its own VR simulator:…

Apr 4 2014 / Read More »
Mobile amazon-phone digital afro

Amazon Could Be Releasing 3D Smartphone With Holograms Very Soon

Amazon’s long-rumored 3D smartphone may not be speculation anymore. The phone, which insiders say has been pushed back twice, will reportedly use its 3D capabilities for 3D wallpapers, mapping and, of course, shopping, according to a…

Apr 24 2014 / Read More »
SPORTS magneticfootball-2

NFL Experimenting With Magnetic FootBall For Better On Field Calls

  Have you ever wondered how game officials know if the football has passed the goal line, in situations where it’s hidden under a pile-up of players? Well, sometimes they don’t know, and they just have to hope…

Jun 18 2014 / Read More »
GADGETS Pocket-Printer

The Pocket Printer From Zuta Labs Is Just Ridiculously Cool

  This portable robotic printer that works by traveling across the surface of a piece of paper is well on its way to reaching its US$400,000 Kickstarter target. Designed by Israel’s Zuta Labs, the device is…

Apr 14 2014 / Read More »

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