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Eco exhibition reflects Russia's interest in green technology
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Eco exhibition reflects Russia’s interest in green technology

The annual Waste Management Exhibition in Moscow expands to cover greener technology, with categories such as Alternative Energy and Water Purification.

The Waste Management Exhibition has, as the name might imply, traditionally focused on containing waste and recycling it.

But that has changed. Interest in the field of conservation and clean energy as a business has expanded. Which is why the 9th annual exhibition has made way for more categories.

“This year the exhibition is held in a new format, of environmental technology and innovation. We have divided the exhibition into four major directions currently still important in this country and abroad: Waste Management, Urban Ecology, Alternative Energy and Water Purification.”

ARK out of St. Petersburg is teaching cement companies to use its technologies to create in-house power supplies.

ARK admits, it’s expensive to implement, but it means cost savings on a big scale in the long run, with energy prices set to rise.

“One of the areas of our activity is promoting production of alternative fuels from domestic solid waste, including those types of fuels that can be used in the cement industry. I mean heat release of fuel from small amounts of domestic waste. It allows us to recycle about 30 percent of domestic solid waste. One cement plant can consume around 100,000 tons of fuel per year.”

Another symptom of the changing face of eco business here in Russia are septic systems for country homes, which many Muscovites own.

It may not sound exciting, but Moscow is surrounded by villages where these dachas are located.

In a bid to avoid chlorination of the water supply, these systems can be installed, with microbes cleaning the waste water.

“In Lithuania all the natural reservation centers are equipped with our system, like in Trakai for example. All the water coming from the population of Trakai is cleaned by our system and it goes back into the lake which remains crystal clean.”

If this exhibition is any hint of things to come in future, you might see the light bulb and battery receptacles lining the streets of Moscow in the future.

“We offer a complex solution that enables collection of not only the mercury-containing bulbs, and batteries, but batteries from notebooks and other electric devices. Last year in Rybinsk municipal region we used our equipment to collect plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper as an experiment. It proved to be a success. For the first four months of the experiment people left 400 mercury-containing lamps in the boxes.”

Trash collection, separation and recycling are all set to change here in the capital in the New Year.

With 5.5 million tons of trash produced by the private sector alone each year in Moscow, the city’s housing department is demanding new infrastructure.

So, a 15-year contract has been put on the table, worth 25 billion rubles annually. The winning company’s bid has to tackle the problem in a robust way, which means many of the machines in this building could be gracing the streets of Moscow before you know it.

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