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Download The LoL Riot Points Generator –
Instructions on how to use is at the bottom of description
Download this tool as fast as you can! It wont work forever!!! League of Legends Hack Tool is a tool/bot that has been made by talented hackers. They found a way to break into LOL servers and break protection. Now i have big fun being 1 TOP EVERY TIME!!! I’m sharing this tool because it’s time to show how strong we are! This tool should be known by masses!
The subject of riot points generator is a controversial issue. At first glance riot points generator may seem unenchanting, however its study is a necessity for any one wishing to intellectually advance beyond their childhood. Until recently considered taboo amongst polite society, its influence on western cinema has not been given proper recognition. The juxtapositioning of riot points generator with fundamental economic, social and political strategic conflict draws criticism from the upper echelons of progressive service sector organisations, trapped by their infamous history. Here begins my indepth analysis of the glourious subject of riot points generator.
If you have any further questions, go ahead and ask me in the comments. You can also private message me.
League of Legends – Riot Points Generator
Instructions on using the hack-
1. Download the hack from the first link in the description box.
2. Extract the file to any folder, anywhere you want.
3. Open the hack
4. Select all your options you wish to enable. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE SERVER!
5. Leave the hack open and start League of Legends
6. Login and go to the main menu screen.
7. Go back to the hack and press the button “Execute Changes”
8. Wait for the hack to inject. If successful a box will pop up telling you to restart LoL.
9. Exit out of LoL and open it up again.
10. That’s it! Whatever you added should now be on your account
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