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League of Legends: Champion Rocks! ~ Ritenuto, NA "A Tip of the...
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It’s a special night for Caitlyn at the local saloon! You begin your adventure outside the tavern, and upon hearing the din you decide to head inside, all the while catching snippets of conversation from other champions who came to see the house band feature Caitlyn, the brave new Sheriff of Piltover! Can YOU name all 10 champions who came to tear up the town!? (Not literally Caitlyn would probably arrest them)
*quiz answers* (first line for each champ given, in order of appearance)
Twisted Fate- 0:00 “pick a ”
Ezreal – 0:03 “*laugh* no problem!”
Leblanc – 0:15 “Lying is like 95% of what i do”
Ashe – 0:19 “agreed”
Singed – 0:53 “*laugh* shaken, not stirred”
Garen – 1:07 “Lets end this quickly”
Lux – 1:11 “Great decision”
Wukong – 2:51 “Is that all they got?”
(these two were kind of extra difficult)
Pantheon – 2:53 “You know, i always wanted to be a baker”
Maokai – 2:57 “*laugh*”
Prepare yourself for something never before seen in League of Legends music, and approach with an open mind if your not normally a fan, because it’s time for some really kicking jazz!
Try to sit in one place for this one,
I dare you.
Now come on in,
let the tappin’ begin,
you know money don’t grow on creeps.
I’m just lettin’ you now (4x)
Don’t you know,
that there’s a pretty lady next to me
and don’t you know
she ain’t free.
Step right up
you might try your luck,
She’s got a black jack of twenty and one.
She’s just lettin’ is show (4x)
Lettin’ you know
that there’s a pretty lady next to me
and don’t you know
she ain’t free.
Now She’l impair you,
climb into your mind
and then ensnare you just like that
and now if you want a round
with the new girl in town well I,
Don’t blame you son.
But don’t be surprised if your eyeball meets a
On top, never stop,
you better watch out ‘cuz she just might pop,
a-gain, another slain
and again,
and again,
and again,
a now Caitlyn,
tell us what your secret is.
*Rock out*
Music and Lyrics by:
North America
Sound effects courtesy of:
Thanks for listening, and if i’m fortunate enough to make it to summoner choice voting, consider sending one my way!
Stay cool,

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