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League of Legends-How to get All Champions Free and RP 2013(link...
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Follow the steps below (it’s free and always will be :)
My website:
here :
(or Register here: )
untill you reach level 10(sometimes requires lv 11 :D )
you get to lv 10 log out and log back in and enjoy having all champions!
lv 11 you get free 1850 RP
Just by using this cracked link it is guaranteed to be a sucess :)
Check out my website also for some quick tips to getting better at playing Lol.
Tip: The fastest way to level to 10 is : make a battle training , then play with bots ( co-op games) it takes about 4-5 custom games wins to get to level 5. Then you can play either 3v3 or 5v5 normal.
This is a quick and easy way to get everything you need to have a lot of fun in LOL.
I don’t know if this is permanent or not, but, judging from the comments and the amount of support i got, it seems suggest you start playing as soon as possible,because you never know when they will find
One last thing: This link was updated so it works on all servers now!
Hope you enjoyed this Kassadin
Let me know in the comments what you think about it,and of course don’t forget to Subscribe and,as i like to say,Luke xD
Epic part at 0:36
The real credit for the song goes to these
And at the end i used an Iron Maiden song called Out of the Silent Planet
Starting from the
She said I heard you got a main mid
The Void Walker for sho’
The king of Troll got serious
Now everybody knows
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
(Don’t say) I never let you know
When Gluglug rolls with Kassadin
Better buckle up for the show
Void walker, so baller
Blink around your team like a dark nightcrawler
teammates need help, just holler
Shutting down champs have’m living in squalor
Null sphere, I don’t want to hear it
dominate so hard that I got my own tier list
Keep coming, that’s the spirit
Thought you caught me,but I dissappear kid
What?!!! Where’d he go?
I’m over stealing blue cause that’s how I roll
Fed Kassadin out of control
Charge off your spells let the force pulse blow
Hop walls like Jackie Chan
I got passive mana vamp
I’m like a living prostate exam
Blade in your Nethers, guess you shoulda ran
Jump in, AOE slow
Full combo and it’s time to go
I just stopped by to let you know
that I control the rift like a puppet show
So quick leave you in a daze
Like Jimi Hendrix just a purple haze
Manmode and I’m making plays
I blow your minds, leave you all amazed
She said I heard you got a main mid
The Void Walker for sho’
The king of Troll got serious
Now everybody knows
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
(Don’t say) I never let you know
When Gluglug rolls with Kassadin
Better buckle up for the show
Out of the silent planet, dreams of desolation
Out of the silent planet, Come the demons of creation
Out of the silent planet, dreams of desolation
Out of the silent planet, Come the demons of creation
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I love tag spam xD
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