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Offline Connections for Social Success
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Triple S, ep. 151


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A couple years ago I talked about a Columbus social network called Cbusr and how it was using social media to help people meet each other and then actually make it happen with live events. You can indicate that you wanted to meet someone on their profile and then there would be regular events organized by the network that people could attend to actually make meetings happen and then of course you could schedule your own times to connect with people offline.

That last piece of making sure that people actually see each other and talk in person was so important for making those relationships lasting. I’ve met many people because of Cbusr and they are people that are still in my life in some way today. A great testament to how social media is only a part of the conversation and that you need to make an offline connection (offline meaning at least off of social media) to become a more personal relationship than just an avatar in a news stream.

More on this in today’s Social Thursday episode.

Jay Baer spoke on a podcast recently about social media ROI (return on investment) and how business continue to ask this question. What is the ROI of social media? Well he says exactly what it is: “If you want to be able to track something, you need to do something trackable.”

I love this quote because the key is know why you’re doing what your doing and how you’re going to be able to tell its working. Just jumping on social media and increasing your followers isn’t going to change your current status. The call-to-action and how you present it is pivotal because that’s what turns a fan into a customer.

Offline connection is the best way to figure out how your social media presence is benefiting you. Individuals might meet with their online peers at conferences or networking events. Brands could suggest their followers join them at their place of business or somewhere else for a meetup. Even something as simple as “come in and mention you saw this on Twitter and get 10% off”. You’re going to know that the personal connection you’re making with that customer is because of the community you’ve created online.

Meeting people IRL (in real life) is so important. Everything we do is all about relationships so you need to put yourself out there. Offline doesn’t mean you’re at the mercy of your geographic location. Even a Skype call is something more personal than just some tweets. Make a point to be known.


How do you connect with your social networks to drive personal connections?

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