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Zombie Virus Made By Goverment Must Watch
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Here Click On This Link And Download The Movie

Quartine 2 full movie link here

Patient zero full movie her must watch download it

read all this information and click on all the Links that are referenced to the Info. I will show you the original video that you are watching here! This part that I am sharing with you all is very important! And it is very important that you all pay attention to this segment, because this is where it proves this meeting did take place with real Government insiders First the Original Video: Zombie Cover Up Conspiracy:

Now you ask why am I showing you all the same video well this link that I posted shows the original posting date on it. When it was posted on You tube. And this date is where it gets very interesting! The Original video shows that the posting date was October 10th 2012 now when you hear the speaker at this meeting in this video, he mentions about a drill that has not yet been publicized in any shape form or fashion through any media or any government feed that was suppose to take place in San Diego, Ca, referring to a Zombie Mocked Invasion.

The First publication to any form of drill that refers to Zombie Invasions that was taking place in San Diego did not get advertised publicly until two weeks after this meeting took place and the first public knowledge that they where going to do a zombie drill San Diego, was posted in the
Huffington Post News Paper October 27th 2012

So this proves that this speaker was truly a insider and that this meeting did really take place because he mentions about an event that did not get publicized until two weeks later so explain to me how this guy knew before anyone, that there was going to be a drill referring to a Zombie Mocked invasion that was going to take place in San Diego the only way he could have known was he had to be a real agent and the people in this meeting where also real! Then it was then being mentioned all over the news on every network:

Then the Speaker in this video Mentions, Bath Salts as being a Cover story to cover up a real life event where of an actual infected man got loose and chewed the face off an another man in Miami, Florida this story was very real and here is the article on this subject!

The media at first said it was bath salts that made him go crazy. but here your going to see the evidence that bath salts was just a cover story in other words cover up! And this proves again that this was a real meeting and that the speaker was telling the truth: Tests in cannibalism case: Zombie-like attacker used pot, not ‘bath salts’

If you still do not believe in any of the warnings that I have just showed you and you do not believe that they are going to create a biological outbreak then look at all of these stories that have all ready happened across the United states in just a couple of months and growing epidemic;

There are 100 cases of Zombie like Behavior reports like this that started popping up all over the country which again is proof that this guy in this video and this meeting was not fake! Now if you Do not Believe that there is a a real life Zombie Task force that really exist. You will now because they are here!

They Call themselves “Z.E.R.T” Which means’ Zombie Eradication Response Team And as far as all of this CDC and many different organization promoting this illusion preparedness is a cover Up as this speaker was mentioning in this video and this again proves that this video is the real truth! And if it wasn’t, Then why all of a sudden is our government all of sudden interested in preparing us for a zombie invasion and doing drills and exercises concerning Zombie Invasion?

Especially when zombies supposedly is not even existing? I do not believe our government is wasting money on a event that does not exist unless they truly created the Zombie like Strain Virus that has leaked out to the public and they are just covering their asses because this virus has gotten out of control that lead them into creating a cover story focused on what was not suppose to be.

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