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18+ Syria Rebels Fight to Free 4,000 Prisoners at Aleppo Central...
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18+ Syria Rebels Attempt to Free 4,000 Prisoners at Aleppo Central Prison – Torture Center 5-16-13
شام حلب مشاهد من معركة تحرير سجن حلب المركزي
May 16, 2013 The Free Syrian Army battles to liberate the Central Prison
Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Wednesday the Local Coordination Committees were able to document /90/ martyrs including 6 woman and 7 children: 28 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 21 martyrs in Homs; 19 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs; 7 martyrs in Hama; 5 martyrs in Idlib; 4 martyrs in Raqqa; 3 martyrs in Deir Ezzor; 2 martyrs in Daraa and one martyr in Qunaitra
The Committees have documented /321/ shelling points in which shelling with warplanes was reported in /19/ points where the fiercest were reported in Meliha, Raqqa and Halfaya; Cluster bombs were reported in /4/ districts in each of Jandoul Square in Aleppo, Halfaya, Hama, Banyas and Haylan; Vacuum bombs were reported in Halfaya in Hama; surface to surface missiles were reported in Hayan in Aleppo; artillery shelling was reported in /103/ points; Rocket shelling was reported in /98/ points while mortar shells were reported in /95/ points across Syrian cities and towns.
The FSA clashed with regime forces in 156 points in which FSA was able to; In Damascus and its Suburbs FSA targeted regime forces gatherings in 8 March Building and Abbasein Square using mortar shells and artillery where direct hits were reported. Also, FSA has repelled regime forces attempt to storm in Meliha and huge losses in lifes and materials of regime forces were reported , and repelled regime forces continuous attempts to storm in Mouadamiyeh, Daraya and Western Ghouta; In Hama, FSA destroyed Zalaqiyat checkpoint and killed more than 20 solider as well as destroying number of vehicles and tanks; In Aleppo, FSA took control over several locations in Salah Eddin and Ameriya neighborhoods, Targeted Meneg military airport by rockets and artillery, also, FSA targeted regime forces in Aleppo Central Prison by a Grad missile; In Deir Ezzor, FSA targeted the military airport by local made rockets; In Homs, FSA targeted the Military College by local made rockets, while in Idlib, FSA targeted Abu Dahour military airport by artillery shells and has destroyed several vehicles and tanks for regime forces across Syrian cities and towns.

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