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Double Standards:Why White people on JuryUS find no problem with...
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Category: Black News


Quote from Juror: Trayvon Martin Should have ran away and not fought with George Zimmerman…….Thats why we found Zimmerman….NOT GUILTY…

Why is it that some whites like the ones on the Zimmerman jury, and others agree with the verdict in the MartinZimmerman trial???

Simple as a person of color you are not to resist, oppression, you are not to resist when some racist white person attempts to insult you or assault you or infringe on your rights or personal space. If you resist or dont comply in a docile, submissive way that shows that you fear them or seem to,and find them your betters and superior, then you are a thug, you are a terrorist, you are a subhuman, and you need to be taught discipline by whatever means they deem necessary. If that means killing you then so be it. So here we have a double standard and two forms of law and justice. Their rights are to be protected. You have no rights as in the case of the woman who was given 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband, she has no right to stand her ground she has no right to self defense, Trayvon as well had no right to self defense or to stand his ground. All they have is the right to be a victim, thats it. But Zimmerman does have the right to do anything he wants to african american teens. What is the message here, the subliminal message is you have a right as a black person to:

1.Flee ( Run for you life Nigger) stated by the Juror in the trial…Not me..I didnt make this up…So dont get mad at me for stating public facts…….
2.Go to Prison…(As in the case of the Abused Florida Woman who got 20 years for shooting a wall to scare off her abusive husband…..Again dont get mad at me..its just a fact
3.Die, as in the case of Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant and the victims of the war on drugs
As I have laid out those are your rights,that is the message that has been sent,
Trayvon has no right to walk down the street without someone harassing and, insulting and assaulting him, and if he resists or reacts to force with force, the white person has the right to kill him in self defense. That is a double standard. And on another level you see how they covertly try to undermine your communities and destabilize them you see, white people know the government lets drugs flood the black areas and say and do nothing and look the other way,( See the Real Rick Ross Interview) They know and participate in the private prisons system via investments,( See: The New Jim Crow: Michelle Alexander ), this is used to target and lock up blacks and undermine their constitutional rights and reduce them to 2nd class citizens. while the average white person will tell you this is simply a coincidence or a result of blacks being degenerates .Whites look the other way and sanction closing of schools in black areas( See: 50 Schools closed in Chicago School closing in Philly). Whites, look the other way and participate in the dumping of weapons in black areas, they look the other way on the police brutality and support it, because of the jobs they get in so called law enforcement and correctional facilities, bail companies, Law firms, and government contracts that surround what could only be called an Industry of misery and evil.

They know that Blacks are only 12% of the US population and there are not enough Black owned businesses to support Blacks employing all Blacks that want good jobs, or a job period. And if Blacks try to build an infrastructure to employ all blacks and become self sufficient, Whites destroy it, ( See: The destruction of Black Wall Street). So the Black unemployment rate is kept high by design, as they dont want you in the work place, they dont want to train you because you may get ahead, move next to them and marry their daughter and have kids or some other racist nightmare, you see the high unemployment rate then creates flashpoints in the black homes, and among the families. This is good as it leads to selling drugs which, just so happen to be flooding the streets where you live. The Drug War is a sanctioned money making scheme and targeted destabilization project. And if you look at whats goin on in the streets of Black communities I would say its a success, especially if you wanted to:

1. Make Trillions of dollars
2.Cause havoc in the African American and Latino Communities
3.Create a stream of people for private prisons scheme

Its all part of a racist program that they quietly support and its nothing new(See: Opium Wars). The double standard is obvious here and in places like Palestine and all over the world. Only a fool could not see what is taking place. People may say hey your connecting dots that should not be connected, your a paranoid, uneducated idiot who doesnt know what he is talking about, to my people and those people I will leave you with some words from my favorite President.

How things really work by JFK:

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