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Eco-friendly clothing becomes new fashion trend
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Eco-friendly fabrics including natural yarns and recyclable polypropylene win the hearts of green-thinking Muscovites.

Where is the world of fashion headed when it comes to the environment?

Some say combining couture with conservation is a dead end.

Crazy creations aside, what about the fashion industry for grownups?

Or must we choose between looking good and doing good?

One woman who refutes this is prolific Russian fashion designer Lyudmila Narsoyan.
I caught up with her at Russian fashion week.

SOUNDBITE: Lyudmila Narsoyan, designer, (speaking Russian):

“In the first twenty-five years of our work natural fabrics have been dominated in fashion collections and textiles. The 21st century generation of fabrics started to appear eight or ten years ago. I’ve been working with them since then. Еhey are environmentally friendly. Their production is economical in terms of energy or water consumption and the chloride content in dyes.”

Her natural yarns сщьу from Switzerland and Austria, her polypropylene wick moisture away from the body, they are recyclable.

SOUNDBITE: Lyudmila Narsoyan, designer, (speaking English):

“It has thermal effect it has a sanitary effect, for example you can dress pantantalons for two weeks without washing

Question: “Are we talking wearing the same underwear for two weeks?”

Answer: “Yes!”

Q: “Is it something the army uses?”
A: “Yes”

But where is it going from here?

Question: “Do you think there is a big future for this type of style?

SOUNDBITE: Lyudmila Narsoyan, designer, (speaking English):

“I am very sure. In five maybe ten years, no more these high technology yarns will come in mass market industry.”

She takes traditional fabrics and mixes them when Teflon and even steel.

Correspondent: “It’s definitely got stiffness to it…. Steel really?”

SOUNDBITE: Lyudmila Narsoyan, designer, (speaking English):
“Steel yes.”

Correspondent: It almost looks plastic.

SOUNDBITE: Lyudmila Narsoyan, designer, (speaking English):
“No plastic, it’s a very-very fine yarn, it’s viscose, I like it very much, because it’s very pretty in shape.”

Shape. Yes, it does. Although you might want to cover up a bit before walking down the street wearing just steel thread to avoid arrest.

On a more conservation note there are other possibilities.

It’s historical home in the Vologda region of Russia is trying to boost its use through festivals and exhibits.

SOUNDBITE: Nikolay Aleksov, president, Vologda Textile, (speaking Russian):

“We want to show, and to prove, that linen is in fashion. Linen clothes are comfortable and make great casual wear, but linen can also be used for party clothes and even cocktail dresses. It’s environmentally friendly, organic materials are in high demand as the global trend towards health and healthy lifestyle is getting stronger.”

Russia has been producing linen for centuries. Zhanna Praskeva has been in the linen market since 1993.
Painters apply hand painting to finished items and wool is used in winter collections.

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