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How To Make Money With Mobile Application Development - Create...
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Description: They are misleading you! They want you to believe that your need to know how to program and have software development experience in order to create iphone apps. They want you to pay an arm and a leg to teach you mobile application development , and I wonder how much more money you are going to waste before you realize… They got it all wrong!

Let me reveal the Truth to you: Iphone applications are so popuplar that developers have made over $20,000 in a single day. And you can create an iphone app without knowing a single thing about programming. You can break into the industry today with virtually no experience, no overhead head and very little of your time, and earn a passive income 24/7.

If programming skills REALLY are required, why do you see 9 year old kids pulling in more money in a month with their iphone apps than a lot of people make in an entire year?

I mean come on, with 20 million iphone owners searching for ways to make their lives easier and more fun, you can see how even giving away iphone applications with a free advertisement can make you a lot of money.

How are they able to make such profitable iphone apps in a single afternoon without having an ounce of programming experience? The answer is simple! They outsource it!

They come up with an idea, then come up with a rough sketch of what it should look like, then hand it off to an experienced low cost Apple development team who reviews and posts it to the app store.

The best iphone apps are ones that are focused, practical, and small in size. The smaller the app file, the faster it will run and the more enticing it is to potential buyers. Some might argue the iFart isn’t practical, but the fact that it entertains and keeps people buying it makes it a solid app idea. In creating an iPhone app, make sure your idea is accessible and reusable. It doesn’t have to be a novelty – like iFart – it just needs to retain people’s attention. If it does this, word will spread and you will make money with your iPhone apps.

Some of examples of common iPhone applications includes:

And there is no way around this: people are coming up with ideas right now.. and I’d hate to be the one to say “I told you so” as someone else, instead of you, got rich off of your iphone idea because you didn’t know what to do next.

This is why there is now an amazing new program devoted entirely to people who want to make money as quickly as today with their iphone app ideas.

It not only solves the problem of creating iphone apps in just 2 hours but also solves the problem of getting paid easy money with no programming skills whatsoever

There is a video up explaining all about this breakthrough making money with iphone apps at the link below this video. Click on it and see what all the excitement is about…

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