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Interactive floor projection
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Product name:Interactive floor projection

Product video:

Product Description:

Interactive projection

The stoning Technology Product Type

Interactive floor projection

Wall interactive projection

Rear projection interactive system

The countertops interactive system

Contact stoning Technology

The company is headquartered in Nanjing, branch offices located in
Guangzhou, has an office in Kaohsiung, Suzhou, Hunan.

Nanjing Headquarters Address: Itakura Street, Xuanwu District,
Nanjing, on the 9th Window of the World B6 Building 208,217-218 Room

Contact: Tel:(+86) 025-85497011

Business, technical advice hotline: 13,951,786,303 QQ: 6684175 (Sun)
(limited to business consulting, thank you!)

Interactive projection introduced

Puddle of water, sparkling blue, plants shy, light fish roaming the
sound of water … “This is not a description of the Tahara autumn,
all scene at hand, when the visitors entered the pool ripples with the
pace of Dangqi of open fish by a shock like, suddenly spread out, once
again walk around, the ripple slid again thrown up with the pace of
the proliferation of all is like “breathe”, like the gold old pen
“Lingboweibu,” Wu Xuesheng King.

Virtual wall of sky, an eagle flying, when it was close, proud eagle
child will soar, and disappear in people’s vision of them …

Winter frozen ice surface is the most scary: This is not just settled
on the ice at the foot of seemingly solid ice has been the weight of
rupture, people keep track, and instantly fall into the “Bingku among
The … Fortunately, this is just a virtual scene, and not really
dangerous, but the real effect has a heart full of fear, will never be
the next winter, and then their lives at risk.

Bars, the bar is no longer a single to get color, but with the
people’s movements, a Road flash. If with a certain action, the bar
appears on the beautiful patterns.

This is the true interaction of Nanjing the stoning Technology Co., Ltd. (
) the development of interactive projection systems, participants and
projected onto the floor, wall, and countertop images. There are
dozens of interactive games.

Product of facilities

The interactive system consists of four parts

Part I: signal acquisition section, the interaction needs to capture
the shot, capture devices with infrared sensors, video camcorders,
thermal shooting;

Part II: signal processing, the part of the real-time collection of
data to analyze the data generated by docking and virtual scene;

Part III: imaging part of the projector or other imaging device images
presented in a specific location, imaging equipment in addition to
projectors, plasma displays, LCD displays, LED screens can be used as
an interactive image carrier.

Part IV: auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation
components, audio devices.

Interactive projection principle

The principle of operation of the interactive projection system first
capture device (induction system) on the target image (eg,
participants) to capture the shot, and then by the image analysis
system (Data Acquisition System), resulting in the action of the
object being to capture the movement of data combined with real-time
video interactive system (Interactive projection software) to produce
a tightly coupled interaction effect between the participants and the

Interactive projection applications

Interactive projection system can be applied to the scene of Science
and Technology Museum, the Museum, industry pavilion, hall, and many
other year-round pavilion / exhibition / shopping malls / supermarkets
/ hotels / bars / disco KTV / new product releases, promotions /
wedding traditional multimedia technology can not achieve a place of
celebration / office / performance venue / Square.

Interactive projection system features

a high-tech

Stoning technology interactive projection display system is the
stoning Technology Co., Ltd., by years in virtual reality, large
screen display, voice and image recognition technology accumulation of
years in the field of multimedia technology and customer feedback from
the field of exhibition parties, by a excellent software R & D
personnel R & D is made.

b Development Foundation

Stoning technology interactive projection system can be used
written in conventional multimedia authoring software, running on a
computer, play multimedia content.

c real-time capture, time delay between

Stoning Technology Interactive projection system using stable
equipment and advanced software control allows the system to capture
and calculation of the action on the image of the participants reached
no visual delay, the effect of real-time interaction.

d. library of rich interactive content

Stoning technology interactive projection display system for the

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