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League of Legends bug! Free RP and Champions Updated! 8/6/13...
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Here is what I did to get this to work. You see League of Legends doesn’t want you to know about this link but me and my friends found out about it. We wanted you, yes you to know about this bug that will get you alot of RP and all the Champions free.
How it works?
1) Subscribe to me here: (Incase you need me later)
2) Register here:
:3) Play Until you reach level 5 or more (May need level 10 so Riot’s server can verify you got to level 5) (This step is vital or Riot will think you are an account spammer and delete your account)
4) Log out of League of Legends (IMPORTANT)
5) Restart Your Computer (So that any files that may have LoL open get closed) (Or if you don’t want to restart you could log into the League of Legends homepage to verify you are level five)
6) Relogg (Log in and it should work)
7) You should have enough RP to buy what ever you want and possibly the champions (If you don’t get the champions you can just buy them now)
*Note once you sign up via the link, you have to use the account you signed up with via the link to get to level 5 or it won’t work.*
If I create an account get to level 5 and log out and come back later will I still get it?
Yes, it should work as long as you signed up with that link, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes to get level 5
Is this free?
Yes, it is 100% Free
Will this give me a keylogger, trojan or virus?
No, League of Legends is 100% free and safe game to signup and download
What if it didn’t work?
Maybe you used the wrong link as it changes from time to time, you could try again via re-creating from the link which I will make up-to-date as soon as it goes down.
Have you tested this?
Yes, I tested it and it worked and have been using and telling people for months now.
Is this summoner level or in game level?
For this to work you need to get your summoner level to level 5 (Summoner level is the outside match level) *GETTING YOUR INGAME LEVEL TO 5 DOES NOT WORK*
What LoL server does this work with?
I am not sure on this as I only play on and tested it with North America’s server. However, when you click the link there is an option to change server, so it should work on all servers no matter what. Can anyone verify this works on EU West and EU Nordic & East?
I got level 5 and nothing happened?
This has not been proven yet but you might have to get to summoner level 10 for it to register properly. This is to ensure it notices you got to level 5.
Does this still work if I add friends to the acocunt before getting level 5?
Yes, it will still work if you add friends (You could add say 500 friends and ignore 5000) and this will still work. Therefore, adding friends will not stop this from working.
I got Riot Points at level 3, what does this mean, is the bug broken now?
No the bug is not broken. Getting Riot Points at level 3 summoner level is a new initiative by Riot Games and doesn’t effect the bug in anyway and you should continue the steps like normal.
If this doesn’t work or you have a question/need help, you could try another account, drop a comment or chuck us an inbox @ [email protected] and I will try to help the best I can. I will answer any questions you have.
PS: Feel free to comment, like, subscribe and share this video. The more people who know about this video and link the better for the league of legends community.
-All music, pictures are League of Legends related which is a free game. If you own anything in here and want me to give you credit I will happily do so.
*Note I am in no way associated with RIOT GAMES or work for them*

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