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Learn to Hear the Voice of Jesus Christ
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Category: Spirituality


It is very important to learn to hear the voice of the LORD JESUS if you are going to follow Him as a disciple. If you want to follow Jesus you have to receive the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit will teach you all things and the Holy Spirit will speak directly to your spirit because HE IS the Spirit of GOD. When a human speaks to you, you hear his voice in your physical ears. But because God is Spirit you hear HIM speak in your Spirit, IF you have received the Holy Spirit. To learn to hear the voice of the LORD is NOT an easy task. It takes dedication, because there are so many other spirits out there in the world who are trying to deceive us and trying to speak lies to us. You know the devil and demons are also spiritual beings and they can impart LIES to us and if we are not choosing to diligently pursue the Holy Spirit we may be distracted and think that a demonic voice is the voice of the LORD. Satan can give us a dream, but the Holy Spirit also gives us dreams, so how are we going to know the difference if it’s a voice of a demon, our own imagination or truly the voice of the Holy Spirit. This happens through diligent and persistent prayer, learning to hear the voice if Jesus and asking Him in prayer; “LORD, Show me YOUR voice.” If you pursue hearing the voice of Jesus, if you pursue HIM, He will show you the difference. And when He shows you the difference then make sure you NEVER let go of Jesus. Make sure you NEVER take your eyes and your ears off of HIM. I want to give you an example of how the Lord spoke to me though His Holy Spirit and how I had to choose to listen to Him. See some years ago my wife and I were taking a bike ride, actually my wife was rollerblading and I was riding my bike, and we were in the city, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me when I saw a homeless person and told me to go and speak to that homeless person about Jesus. I could have immediately though that this was my own imagination and I could have blown it off, I could have though this is my own idea and it would be silly for me to go and speak, I could have written the whole thing off as silly. But for whatever reason I chose to believe that it was the Holy Spirit, and I went and I spoke to this homeless man who was sitting on this bench about Jesus. When I opened my mouth about Jesus, this homeless person, their eyes started closing until their eyes completely closed and the homeless person literally passed out and I had to catch the homeless person and lay them down on the bench they were sitting on to avoid falling onto the hard concrete. The last thing the homeless person said before he completely passed out was he felt that his body was going to hell. So I prayed for him and I said; “Lord why do you have me speak to this homeless man, I pray that if he has an hear to hear that he will hear your truth and that you will impart YOUR truth to him, that you will wake him up to the truth.” Well the homeless person did not wake up, but he stayed limp on that bench. So I just prayed for him, then I stood up and my wife and I continued on our bike ride. And I wondered why this happened. Well I didn’t have to wonder for long because as we continued only a few hundred yards we went over a hump that was on the sidewalk and to see a gang fight taking place right on the sidewalk where a man was shot dead right on the sidewalk in front of us. If we had not listened to the Holy Spirit and recognized the voice of the Spirit, to go and talk to this homeless man, we would of also have been right in the midst of this shooting and very possibly would have been shot ourselves. Because I listened to the Holy Spirit to speak to this man and didn’t just write it off as my own imagination, we were protected. The Holy Spirit protected us. It is of MOST importance to learn to distinguish between just our own imagination and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Many people do not hear the voice of the Holy Spirit because they write the Holy Spirit off as their own silly ideas, their own imagination. But I want to tell you that GOD is SPIRIT and He speaks to your spirit. SO if you want to hear Him clearly you have to listen with your conscience, you have to listen with your spirit.

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