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Portland Police smashed head of Disabled Traumatic Brain Injury...
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Emerging Facts of the Portland Police Assault upon a blind and disabled person, Benjamen Pickering.
Incident Report
The attack occurred 5/17/13 at 8868 NE Sandy at Ace tavern. Ben was seated in the third bar seat from the right.
His name is mis-spelled as Benjamin in the police report. His true legal name is Benjamen.
Officers involved in the beating include Primary Assailant Karl Klundt (32398), reporting officer Jerry Cioeta (33930) who admits pinning Pickering to the ground in his report, and admits the presence of furniture getting in the way, which benjamen alleges almost gouged out his right seeing eye.
Officers Bryson (51225) and Jackson (51272) attended. Cioetta admits Pickering complains of an injury to which SGT, Birkinbine responded.
It is uncertain at this time which officer told ben that the brutalization was wrong, and referred Ben to OHSU after his release from jail where he was held excessively to allow the bruising and swelling of his blind eye to go down. It is possible that bryson or Jackson were the officers that said “this better not be the disabled kid benjamen pickering” who had been reported missing and vulnerable by a family member. It is also possible that they are witnesses of the Klundt attack or that the video in the receiving area of Multnomah County Detention Center may offer evidence of his brutalization, or that a receiving officer or corrections official witnessed the bruises and made the medical referral.
ben has lost the card of the portland police officer whistleblower who told him what the officers did to him was wrong.
In a report signed by supervisor John Birkinbane, Karl Klundt admits placing his knee on Benjamen Pickering’s head. He does not admit violently crushing Benjamen’s skull with his knee, an assault from which Benjamen still suffers painful headaches.
Benjamen also suffered an injury to his left elbow which still causes pain. He was in extreme pain during and after the assault.
Neither reporting officer considers the audio processing difficulties and blindness from the Traumatic Brain Injury which left Benjamen blind and braingdamaged art age 10. Placing or smashing his knee into Benjamen’s head is medically inadvisable, as Benjamen as been informed by his Doctor that a single blow to the head can kill him, due to the severe brain injury, and repeated secondary brain injuries Benjamen has suffered.
Benjamen’s Washinton state care dog is called Brewsky.
Ben’s caregiving and Guide Dog for the Blind needs have been neglected by the State, as has his need for a medical bracelet stating TBI and Blind in left eye, as well as a medical white blind cane, and a fluorescent safety vest, all of which may have helped deter the Police Brutality.

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