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Secrets inside Area 51's S-4 Facility Part 4
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Cloaking Technology ~ Time Travel and other Secrets inside the secret government facility S-4

In this special edition of Special Edition of the Unified Field host Justin Brown does an in depth interview with Michael Schratt that covers:

The largest UFO sighting in history, the Hudson Valley Boomerang sighting an ongoing sighting over a period of ten years of a huge boomerang shaped UFO some report was a craft more than 900 feet across

Black budget programs and the amount the US government is spending on black budget projects each year.

A virtual tour through the entire five levels of S-4 facility of Area 51 (the former biological weapons laboratory near Papoose Lake converted to a Top Secret military installation alleged to be investigating, testing and reverse engineering alien spacecraft) and a detailed description of the contents of its 9 hanger bays containing ARV’s (alien Reproduction Vehicles), the extraterrestrial J-Rod’s T45 time travel vehicle, as well as the original Roswell craft and more…Dan also describes the development of a 3-D model of the whole facility.

Describes what Ben Rich former head of Lockheed Skunkworks said about technology we already have.

Stealth and cloaking technology of elcetochromic panels that are used for daytime stealth technology by forced projection transferring an image from the background of an aircraft onto the forward panels of an aircraft blending with background rendering it virtually invisible

Amazing classified technology for the B2 that electrically charges the leading edge of the wing to reduce the radar cross signature and also electrically charges the exhaust gasses to reduce the infrared signature. Rendering the infrared, radar, acoustic and visual signature down to almost zero

Thomas Townsend Brown’s hypotheses of electrogravitic propulsion technology for spacecraft that by electrically charging of the leading edge of a wing and then negatively charging the trailing edge creating electrostatic.

Werner von Braun warning of Project Blue Beam an alleged program to unite governments of the world to a one world order by using threat of a fake alien invasion. von Braun told Carol Rosen his personal assistant that there would be wars to build weapons of mass destruction and if that did not work, there would be terrorists and if that did not work, there would be the threat of asteroids and then von Braun said the last card they would play; would be a fake alien attack.

The 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force base where a treaty was signed and President Eisenhower was given an 8″ by 8″ by 8″ object called the Orion cube that projects an image about 10″ above the cube depicting future time event scenarios. The Orion cube was reportedly at sS-4 and later at Scottish rite Masonic loge in Washington DC

Difference between alien and extraterrestrial ~ Extraterrestrial shares our own human DNA genetic makeup and are future human who has come from our future. While alien are a different species that does not have human DNA.

Last time J-Rod was ever seen ~ Schratt gives a detailed description of J-Rod, an extraterrestrial from our future who came here in a time travel paradox to cure a genetic defect to emerge in human DNA 45,000 years in the future. Schratt describes what happened to J-Rod in 2003 in Abydos, Egypt when the J-Rod was brought in a clean sphere to Burisch and he told Burisch that he wanted to return to his family.

Project Aquarius, looking glass, project Galileo, weapons research and development

This is an amazing interview that should not be missed.

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