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UFO Disclosure: Canadian Defense Minister Says US Government...
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UFO Disclosure: Canadian Defense Minister Says US Government Has Alien Technology – Paul Hellyer – YouTube Video

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CANADIAN’S EX MINISTER OF DEFENCE Paul Hellyer At Exopolitik Conference (Toronto) On September 25, 2005

Canadian’s ex minister of defence, Paul Hellyer, demands that the US government end the secrecy surrounding UFOs and back-engineered craft.

please investigate for your self and dont belive blindly evertyhing you see

there are other independent groups triying to show the truth. —-(must see this one)

Some of the people that support Disclosure and have evidence/experience of the ET/UFO and supressed technology:

-Dr.Paul Czysz
Professor of
Aeronautical Engeniering

-Dr.Carol Rosin
Corporate Mandager
Farchild Induestries

United Stades
Air Force(ret.)

-LT.Col,John Williams
United States
Air force

-Lt.Frederick Fox

-LT Bob Walker
United States

-Codr,Graham Bethune

-Mr.Jonh Maynard
US defence Intelligence
Agency Official

-David Hamilton
US Deparment of

-Mr.Don Philips
Design Engineer

-Michael Smith
Radar Controller
US Air Force

-Maj.George A.Filler.III
US Air Force

-Dr.Paul LaViolette

All of the YouTube Video Clips on my channel are Free Videos to download or put on your YouTube Channel (fair use). The focus of my channel is UFO Disclosure and to answer the age-old question “Are aliens real” check out Some of the videos posted to my channel are general science, technology or educational videos and may not have anything to do with UFO disclosure. You can also watch videos online through Myspace video links or my facebook page . My Secrets Conspiracies and Mysteries website where you can find full transcripts for UFO videos (soon) is (these site pages are all still being updated so bookmark and check back every few weeks). Another great video search tool for YouTube videos is using Google Video (less advertising) also be sure to check out the MUFON site . You can see when I have uploaded another free video by following me on twitter . Be sure to check out my posts at Reddit is a great place to find more UFO and Alien Videos. IUFOC has a lot of information about UFO Disclosure and alien UFO information. One last link regarding UFO sightings is NUFORC a great site for reporting a UFO Sighting or reviewing UFO files.

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