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What is the BEST Programming Language to learn first?
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What is the BEST Programming Language to learn first?
Voice 1:
So, what is the best programming language to learn first?
Now, to answer to this question, We spoke to Mark Lassoff. Mark is a veteran developer with decades of experience. And currently has over 4,000 developers taking his courses on Udemy. What is the most important language to learn when you are starting out? It wasn’t what I thought.
Mark Lassoff:
And I would start with a singular language. You know what, it doesn’t matter that much which one you start with. I think I have written an article or some version of an article called, What computer language that I learned about 15 times or 15 different venues. Pick a language that helps you understand the Art and Science of programming. That can be JAVA, that can be JAVASCRIPT, that can be C, Objective C, it can be Python??, it can be Ruby, it does not matter. But go ahead and learn that language inside and out. There’s a lot of ways to do that. You could take one of my courses on Udemy or from, my website. You could take other courses that are available out there. Code Academy provides a incomplete model at this point, but that could be really exciting in the future. You can even enroll on a course at a community college. Like a lot of community college have an inexpensive internet programming course which probably quite good. You can go to Barnes and Noble and find a book that appeals to you. The biggest barrier I find to people learning to program, is when it gets hard, they stop. When it gets difficult, they don’t push through the difficulty and keep going, they give up. And unfortunately, once if you give up, you’ll never going to realize that dream. You never going to become a professional developer. So if you push through when it gets hard, I can tell you from my experience and I know exactly when it gets hard, I know one lesson from my class that we separate programmers from the wannabes and it’s where things start to get really abstract, and we start to have things becoming complicated. So if you push through that, and you keep going, and you come out to the other side, you are probably going to make it. So, I think, that is the most important thing that anybody can do, is get started, learn something, have a plan for your learning and follow through.
Voice 1:
Follow through some bucker! Should I do this? Or should I do more of this? We’ll, if you’ve made that decision for yourself, the affiliate links below will get you started on the programming path. Mark Lassoff was kind enough to give us 40% off those affiliate links for the duration of this year. Our coupon code is: HowToBecome. March on code monkeys, I got to go out and have a date with a girl named RUBY.

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